The Zoo

The Zoo is a fast-paced, high-energy talk show featuring daily celebrity guests, games, trivia, and segments that cover everything from politics to pop culture, and the latest viral trends from the web. The hosts are fun, irreverent and sometimes a little too crazy. For its launching campaign we came out with the campaign #Wildtalk, where the hosts were turned into animals until their true identity was revealed.

 Art Direction
 Graphic Design

The Zoo + #Wildtalk Logo Design

The Zoo’s Social Media Campaign Sample Graphics

The Zoo’s Air Graphic Samples

The Zoo

My work for this project included the development of

  Show & Campaign Logo Design
 Social Media Campaign & Graphics
 TV Show Graphics
 Print Material & Ads
 Merchandise Design
 Signage Design for Release Event

The Zoo print materials include a postcard with Polaroid holder for guests that visit the show and magazine ads.